About Colleen Yorke


Filmmaker, writer and editor Colleen Yorke graduated from University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) with a BA in Film & TV in 2005 and summa cum laude from the Freie Universitšt Berlin with a double MA in Film and Theatre Studies.

She produced and directed a feature documentary film Difficult Dance (2005), which allows a glimpse into the lives and the stories of a few selected Jews living in Germany today. She also wrote, produced and directed a number of short films, and she co-directed several theatrical productions, including Bye Bye Birdie and La Traviata. Other experiences include KLRN 64, Focus Feature Films, LCO Communications, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Severins-Burg-Theater and recently the Metropol Theater in Cologne, where she directed a Neil Simon play, Rose and Walsh.

Among her many honors and awards, Colleen has been named UCLA Bruinlife "Senior of the Year", and she was honored at the Multicultural Motion Picture Association’s Oscar Luncheon as "Student Filmmaker of the Year".

As an independent filmmaker Colleen maintains a travel schedule that keeps her on the road 180 days of the year, shooting and editing films in Europe and California.


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