Selected Client Video Clips

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LouisJane: Elegance in style

Basic Aqua Fitness Tips: Health exercises in the water

David Apciauri: In the Enchanted Circle

Petre Bobgiaschwili: A mirror of life

Petre Bobgiaschwili: Meet the Artist (Trailer)

Petre Bobgiaschwili: Meet the Artist

Recap of 9/11: Ten years, ten voices connecting the dots

Belly Dancers: A performance in Hamburg

Examples of DemoReels: Two actors and an actress

Laura Vega: Acting Reel

Mischa Löwenberg: German Acting Reel

Arte Semper Durat: Portrait of an artist in Old Town Antwerp

Basel Fasnacht: The Film

Rotary's contribution to the Rose Parade: Rotary Clubs in the Pasadena area join to produce a Rose Parade Float